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Maria was so great to us! She made us feel very comfortable when purchasing our first home. She always made sure to keep her word and continued to keep me posted as we were nervous. Maria always kept a smile on her face and made sure to let us know of any changes. Her words were very kind and it was just a blessing to have Maria on our side at all times making sure that we understood that she was there to assist us. Patrice B.
Maria-Dolores came highly recommended from a friend and colleague in the real-estate business. I've been a real-estate investor for 12 years and was looking for a new agent who was qualified in understanding the constant changing Colorado Springs real-estate market, new government rules, and had a strong background in rental properties. I couldn't have asked for a more qualified and professional agent in town. Real Estate agents are a dime a dozen but she has the skills, experience and knowledge to take advantage of the opportunities that the market provides. Maria is thorough in her research and customizes exactly what her client needs. She stays on top of the changing requirements for home buyers which is so critical. She understands the financial requirements and from an investment view point, knows how to identify a good deal along with all the responsibilities that come with it. She's easy to work with and provides insight and knowledge from her personal experiences owning and managing many properties over the years. She's confident and responds quickly in a market that is fast paced and competitive ensuring clients have an advantage. I consider myself an experienced investor but having her representing and supporting my interests allows me to grow even more. She’s passionate about this business and knows how to take every advantage opportunity that comes along. I’m a better investor having her on my side. Tara S.
I would like to take a couple of minutes to mention the professional relationship I have developed with Real Estate/Broker Agent Maria-Dolores Perez over the years. Several year ago, I was introduced to Ms. Perez through a family member when I was purchasing a property in Texas. As a previous home owner, I was quite surprised to realize that Ms. Perez surpassed all expectation I had during our transactions. Ms. Perez was totally honest and forthcoming with us. She was not just trying to sell us a property; she would point out several defects and structural damages in several properties we viewed. She answered all my questions and made accurate recommendations based on my needs. Needless to say, we bought our dream home and we currently occupy that property. Our relationship did not end on that transaction. Over the years, I've been able to purchase investment properties in Texas and California and Ms. Perez has been instrumental to my early success as she's provided me with professional advice that comes with many years of experience in the real estate business. I would highly recommend Ms. Perez if you are looking for someone honest, reliable and professional to assist you with any real estate transactions. Hugo G.
My dream had always been to buy a brand new home for my family and myself. I finally accomplished that dream with the help of a dear friend Maria-Dolores Perez. Maria and I had never met until I made a phone call to a real estate agency to view a home and she was the one that showed me the home. Finding a home is hard work and the details before closing on a home are exhausting. After meeting Maria and speaking to her for about and hour I felt really comfortable with her because she gave me a lot of advice even though I hadn’t asked her to help me find a home. She did all the hard work setting up appointments, dealing with the figures and most of all helping me get everything together. There were a few hurdles that I had to jump before the closing of the home and she was there every step of the way jumping right along with me. Maria made my experience more relaxed and she even went out of her way when in reality she didn’t have to. She was like an angel sent from above and because of her help the closing on the home went smooth and happened a little quicker than we had anticipated because she is always on top of things; very organized. Maria help me make my dream come true and I’m sure that she will continue to make others dreams come true as well. Julie N.
We want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication in finding us our beautiful home. We appreciate you going out of your way to satisfy our needs. We find you to be an easy going perso n yet professional whom we highly recommend. Wishing you all the luck in the world in all your future endeavors. Diego & Christine V.
I know that working with Maria-Dolores would be a joy for anyone as she is very ethical and knows how to get her clients the best information and to negotiate in their behalf. Maria-Dolores defines what a Professional Real Estate Agent is in today's real estate world. Pattie O.
Maria Dolores Perez
MD Realty, LLC
595 S. Curtis Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80930
Phone: 719-355-5929
Hablo Español
Email: Maria@mdrealty.org

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